This price guide has been put together to give you an idea of the fees at Smile Solutions. It is, however, only intended as a guide it is difficult to be more accurate because the time a procedure takes and the materials we use will vary from one patient to another.
Before starting on any treatment, we will explain and discuss the range of options open to you, and help you decide which is best suited to you, your budget and your lifestyle. Based on your decision, we will then provide you with a full quotation in advance, ensuring there are no surprises when you receive your final bill.
If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to ask, we willl be happy to help.

)% finance available on all treatments over £500. Contact us or book an examination to find out more.

Adult Fees Guide 2023

The following guide is intended as an indication of the typical charges that apply to treatments available at our practice. All treatments and charges are tailored to each patient’s individual needs and discussed and agreed with before any treatment is provided. Where charges may vary from those given below, we will explain the reasons.

Treatments Fees Smile Club Members
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Full mouth check up £35 included
Small mouth x-ray £10 included
Large x-ray £30 included
Scale and Polish £60-£80 included
(Essentials: 2 x per year, Plus: 4 x per year)
Advanced Scaling (per quadrant) £200-£350 £160-£280
Airflow Scaling from £100 from £80
Fissure Sealants £50 £40
Premium Soft Mouthguard from £180 from £144
Hard bite guard (Michigan) from £250 from £200
Sports Guard from £150 from £120
Tooth restorations
White Composite Filling £100-£170 £80-£136
Amalgam Fillings from £95 from £76
Glass Ionomer £90 £72
Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Onlays
Zirconia/Emax Crowns from £800 from £640
Porcelain Metal £680 £544
Metal from £550 from £440
Post & Core Build up from £150 from £120
Root Canal
Incisors/Canines £400 £320
Premolar £430 £344
Molar £490 £392
Advanced Re-treatment from £550 from £440
Simple from £100 from £80
Complex from £300 from £240
Standard Acrylic from £450 from £360
Cobalt Chrome from £700 from £560
Flexible Valplast/Vertex from £650 from £520
Advanced Acrylic from £500 from £400
Repair from £90 from £72
Teeth Straightening
Invisalign (Clear) Braces from £2850 – £3695 n/a
Fixed Cosmetic Braces: 6 Months Smiles or Quick Straight Teeth from £2500 n/a
Teeth Whitening
Home Tooth Whitening £390 £312
Internal Bleaching from £200 from £160
ICON White Spot Removal from £350 per session from £280 per session
Dental Implants
Dental Implants from £2150 n/a
Implant consultation including radiographs £130 n/a
CT scan (3D X-ray) from £110 n/a
Diagnostic wax up / stent (case dependent) From £150 n/a
Single implants (including crown) from £2100 n/a
Small bone graft from £395 n/a
Sinus bone graft from £1200 n/a
Autogenous block graft (ramus/chin) (maintenance with hygienist £90) from £1200 n/a
3-tooth fixed bridgework retained on 2 implants from £4500 n/a
Facial Aesthetics
Botox from £195 n/a
Fillers TBC TBC

What is Smile Club?

Whether you are a new patient or an existing patient, the Smile Club membership plans offer benefits for everyone.

It enables us to provide you with the treatment and support necessary to manage your dental hygiene.

From as little as £17 a month for adults and £6 a month for children, you can benefit from peace of mind that your dental hygiene is in our hands.

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All restorations are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year. In addition, any advanced crowns and bridges (Inceram, Duceragold, Procera), injection molded dentures (with advanced teeth) are guaranteed for 5 years.

These guarantees are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Bi-annual attendance to the practice for routine examinations and prescribed hygienist visits (annual visits only for full denture wearers) .
  • Mouth guard protection must be worn whilst participating in any contact sport.

Guarantees on restorations do not cover:

  • Any repairs to dentures damaged whilst not being worn.
  • Damage to restorations caused by external blows to the face.
  • Failure of the restorations due to lack of home care and poor dental hygiene.
  • Where restoration is provided against advice of dentist.